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What is Website Screenshot Generator?

For various reasons, you may want to take screenshots within the site you are viewing. How about using Website Screenshot Generator to do this?

If you are into computers, you would probably know how to take a screenshot of the screen displayed on your personal computer. You may even know how to take screenshots on a smartphone and tablet. But taking a screenshot of a website by visitors is a completely different matter. As a website master, you may even receive complaints from your customers, such as if there was a problem with your website and they might even think that the website was hacked by malware or virus. Or a function of the website does not display the page while it should be. Your first action is to try to understand the problem by questioning the site visitor. But what if the visitor does not understand your questions or speaks in a different language?

In such cases, the best option would be to ask your visitor to take a screenshot of the site and send it to you by mail. But here, another problem may arise, does your visitor know how to take a screenshot of the site?


Not every computer follows the same set of instructions to print the screen. On some computers, you need to press the “ctrl” key and the “prt sc” key. In some, you need to press the “fn” key and “prt sc” key to take a screenshot. In others, you may also need to press the “alt” and “prt sc” keys. If you are using the same brand of computer as your website visitor does, then the situation may be even easier. But if they're using a different computer, you can ask them to try different key combinations to take a screenshot.

If you have visitors using different brands and models of computers, the situation will vary. In such cases, if you care about your customer, you can ask them to use the Website Screenshot Generator tool. A screenshot generator is a convenient tool that can be used in many different cases. As an example of such cases, you want to take a screenshot and send it to the hosting service in the event of a problem with your website. Or you're making changes to your website and you need to take screenshots of his notes.

We can further increase the reasons for using this tool. So, how to use Website Screenshot Generator? After opening the Website Screenshot Generator tool, you need to fill in the fields where your domain and URL information are required or which device to take the screenshot from. Your screenshot is even ready in a very short time...