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What is Page Authority Checker?

Meet the Page Authority Checker!

Authority is critical to most SEO experts. The most common SEO strategies, such as creating quality content and linking, are made solely for the purpose of improving authority. However, authority cannot provide search visibility all by itself; contextual relevance is also needed with the query, yet it is an undoubtedly strong indicator of overall SEO performance.


The page authority is one of the main website ranking and rating factors calculated only for a single page or just for a single URL of your website. The page authority is a term first introduced by MOZ, which is actually the estimated ranking capacity of a web page. Also, you should consider that the higher the authority of a page, the higher the capacity of the ranking of a particular page in the search engine results, especially in Google. Therefore, checking your page authority by using any quality page authority checker or PA checker, can actually give you an idea of how strong your page is and how much effort you need to put into SEO.

Now, since you have an idea of what is PA, let's answer the question of how to find it. For this, you will need a good page authority checker, also known as the PA checker tool. That's where the Page Authority Checker tool comes in.


There are many metrics of authority, both as direct and indirect, created by Moz. The most remarkable and widely used ones are PA and DA. If you are on a page for the Page Authority Checker tool, you should also know the difference between domain authority and page authority. While the page authority gives you only the estimated ranking power of one page, domain authority is a metric of visibility and ranking power of the entire domain or subdomain. You can check the DA or PA with the help of any domain or page authority checker.


Let's look at some methods of improving your page authority:

• To start with, create a page on a domain with high authority.

• Make sure that the content of a specific page is highly relevant, detailed, and plagiarism free.

• Make sure that your page is fully optimized for SEO and functional.

• Internal linking to and from the page must also be included.

• Get as high-quality incoming links as possible in terms of both link relevance and external source authority (should be pointing to your given page).

• Do not forget to remove bad links that may lead to your website.

• Check your PA score regularly at least once, using any page authority checker (we recommend you to use Page Authority Checker tool).


You can learn about page authority quickly and reliably at its utmost with the Page Authority Checker tool. You can perform the process by simply entering the page URL you wish to analyze and in addition to the total number of links pointing to each page, you can also find out about the number of linking roots domains as well.