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Your IP address is a number system that you can hardly ever look at. However, it is always very significant for your online lifestyle. If you want to know your IP address, you can use the My IP Address tool for it.

Have you ever wondered how important IP addresses are? For example, without an IP address, you will not be able to check your e-mails, see social media updates from friends or watch online videos. Well, wonder why?

Every time you browse the Internet, you actually make a request for the pages of which the URL you click or enter. Now, without your IP address, websites like Google, Facebook, or YouTube will not know where to send the information you request to get. Therefore, it is called as “address” since these sites send the requested information to your computer. However, not only IP addresses are important; it is also important for you to know your IP address as well.


“IP” refers to “Internet Protocol” and here, the “protocol” refers to the connectivity instructions and guidelines that govern computer networks. The “address” part of the IP address refers to a unique set of numbers linked to all of your Internet activities. An Internet Protocol address for combining all these can be defined as a unique set of numeric identifiers, separated by periods and carried by each device in a network. This includes each computer, router, modem, printer, switch, and any devices that are parts of a TCP/IP-based network. This address comprises the core component in which the networking architecture is built-in and there is no network where there is none of such address.

An IP address is not something you sign up for; when you go online, you are automatically assigned an active IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) since that an active IP address is required to access the Internet. Along with such details, it is also worth to note that the IP addresses are assigned to computers, not people.


Usually, there are two versions of IP addresses: Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Also, there are two types of IP addresses, which are divided into private and public. Private IP addresses are static and reusable. They are preserved by the Internet Engineering Task Force. They do not change except as a result of network administration. They serve as a permanent internet address for your corporate or local area network. In particular, these include addresses such as starting with “10.”, “172.16.” and “192.168”.

Unlike the private ones, public IP addresses are dynamic in nature, which means that they often change, and therefore, they are considered as temporary IP addresses. These IP addresses are assigned to a computer each time they get connected to the World Wide Web. Actually, they are borrowed from a pool of IP addresses shared with various computers. This is the IP address your computer uses to communicate across the Internet about sending and receiving requests.

If you want to know your IP address with the features we have described above, you can use the My IP Address tool which you can use for free.