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Why should I use Google Index Checker?

You can check the index status of multiple websites simultaneously with the tool, Google Index Checker.

Many website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals are now using tools like this Google Index Checker to quickly and easily access stats regarding how many web pages (URLs) that Google can crawl or index on a particular website. This tool provides the key information which you can get in just a matter of seconds, and allows you to check the Google Index stats of up to ten web pages at once…

To use the Google Index Checker tool, enter the URL of the desired website in the specified field and click on the “Check” button. In a very short time, the tool will reveal the number of Google indexed publications of the website you want to review.

If the result given to you shows that there are many pages that weren’t indexed by Google, the best thing to do is to include your web pages quickly, i.e. indexing them. In such a case, you should create a sitemap for your website. A sitemap is an XML file that you can submit to your server so that it can record all pages on your website. The name of the tool you need to use to generate your sitemap is the XML Sitemap Generator. Once the map is generated and added to the site, the pages should be indexed via Google Index Checker.


Every website owner and webmaster wants to make sure that Google indexes their sites because such sites can help them to get organic traffic. Google Index Checker helps you to have a clue in this regard.

Google, just like any other major search engine, looks carefully at every website that is launched online on the web. It visits and analyses all websites that exist on the Internet from time to time. With Google Index Checker, you can check whether Google has visited your site and indexed all your web pages or not. Since that it does not matter how many pages are found on your website, what really matters is the number of pages that Google has indexed. It may not index every site it visits one by one. In the case of Google not being able to find keywords, names, or topics that are of interest, it probably will not index that site or page.